Can you put dog hair in compost

Can you put dog hair in compost Human hair is a rich source of nitrogen and can be added to a compost pile or bin.
Any dry pet food that might go to waste makes an excellent addition to compost and can kick start the process into high gear.
Pumpkins decompose fairly quickly and are an excellent source of nitrogen for compost.
The bodies are simply placed in a biodegradable casket and buried in an area that remains as natural as possible.
I also have a worm bin and use shredded cardboard and newspaper as bedding for them.
I used to compost hair but then I realized it must be awash with hair product chemicals.
Actually composting is how many dairies and chicken farms get rid of the dead carcasses.
This weekend Jody aggressively brushed out our older dog who has been shedding like mad lately.
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If you keep the hair clumps that size or less they will break down in your composter without a problem.
After years of positive reinforcement training my dog no longer fears the hairbrush.
The only repeling nature a dog has in regards to varmints and other creatures is that of running them off the property as Dchall says.
My Black Lab tries to make friends with them since they will actually stand their ground.
I now use a plastic tub on the closed toilet lid and catch a few ounces during the night.
Completing the challenge above proves you are a human and gives you temporary access.
This is especially important if your local garden soil is sandy and needs further physical integrity.
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A neighbor told me to put dog hair and even human hair around the trees to discourage the beavers.
Adding just a few more items to the bin can drastically reduce the size of your weekly rubbish bag.
Be careful about attracting vermin but makes a good compost activator for getting your pile rocking.
I realized I can almost always compost the entire contents of my vacuum cleaner bag.
The following list is meant to get you thinking about your compost possibilities.
Imagine how much trash we could prevent from going into the landfills if each of us just decided to compost a few more things.
A single home compost bin can divert about 600 pounds of waste from the landfill every year.
Actually grass clippings are very good for your lawn as the clippings return nitrogen to the soil.
Also paper does not add any nutrition to the compost pile and actually adds chemicals and dangerous dioxins.

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